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page 248 VIRGINIA
1st page
November 4, 1999
land application, biosolids, Henry J. Staudinger, uncensored study, Toms Brook, WEF seminar, Richmond, biocides
page 249 VIRGINIA
2nd page
November 4, 1999
Staudinger, burning eyes, coughing, difficulty in breathing, regulatory policies and practices clearly inadequate, sludge spreader, sludge generator pleaded ignorance, VA DEQ, VADH, VASWCB,
page 250 VIRGINIA
3rd page
November 4, 1999
Staudinger, disposing of pollutants, skunk, failure to establish adequate permit provisions, EPA's risk assessment model,, slopes, pH, highly acid soils, karst terrain, drastic index, buffers, creacks, fissures, sinkholes
page 251 VIRGINIA
4th page
November 4, 1999
failure to implement current regulatory requirements, Staudinger, failure to monitor and enforce, promote rather than protect, permitting agencies, Shenandoah County, high shrink-swell soils, rapid runoff rate, slope limitations, VA SWCB, VA General Assembly, investigate health complaints, P.T. Barnum, distorts actual benefits, N/P ratio
page 252 VIRGINIA
5th page
November 4, 1999
Staudinger,, nutrient leaching, agronomic rates, potential liabilities, site visits, protecting personal and property rights, health complaints, personal injury, property damage
page 253 VIRGINIA
6th page
November 4, 1999
lack of accountability, direct marketing role, gross negligence, contaminated soil, contaminated drinking water, landfilling, incineration lawsuits in Georgia, National Ombudsman, odors, nuisance factor
page 254 VIRGINIA
7th page
November 4, 1999
nuisance laws, moratorium, ban, land-applied sludge, Staudinger, prudent business practice, VA
page 255 2001 ?
8th page
traces of chemical flame retardant found in fish, Lawrence Latane III, Time-Dispatch, Montross, VIMS, Westmoreland County, Rob Hale, brominated diphenyl ethers, residents'task force, biosolid, C. Douglass Jenkins, Coles Point, BDE's, Darryll Fisher
page 256 VIRGINIA
July 11, 2001
9th page
long-lasting pollutant, fertilizer, fish, Reuters Health, BDEs, Robert C. Hale, VIMS, European Commission, Nature Thyroxine, thyroid disorder, fire retardant
page 257 VIRGINIA
10th page
persistant pollutants, land-applied sludgesd, flame retardants, BDEs, Penta, Deca, low bioavailability, carp
page 258 VIRGINIA
11th page
after November, 1999
Robert C. Hale, Mark J.La Guardia, Ellen P. Harvey, Michael O Gaylor, T. Matteson Mainor, William H. Duff, long distance atmospheric transport, BDEs. Penta, VIMNS, USEPA, biosolids generation, use and disposal, NAS, DiCarlo, Renner, WHO, de Boier, Wester, Klamer, Lewis, Boon,Sellstrom, European Commission, strandberg
page 259 VIRGINIA
12th page
October 8, 2000
Wirtz, VA, battle lines, controversial issue, sludge, Jon Cowley, Roanoke Times, Bob Heidorn, pond, Mike Altice, black scum, culture clash
page 260 VIRGINIA
13th page
October 8, 2000
runoff, odor, Heidorn, Altice, Franklin County, Marcia Degen, VADH, Boles Septic Tank, Bionomics, Bio Gro, Synagro, Bedford County, biosolid fertilizer, Scott Shirley, class B, Roger Cheek, David Motil, Mike Brooks,
page 261 VIRGINIA
14th page
October 8, 2000
Degen, Bio Gro, New Hamshire, Pam Gratton, Heidorn, fecal coliform, Jim Gilbert, Shirley, Altice, Bionomics, Motil, biosolids, CDCP, Cornell University, EPA, Ellen Harrison, John Stauber, Toxic Sludge is good for you, Public Relations Industry, lies
page 262 VIRGINIA
15th page
around 1998
Stauber, EPA, public health threat, public relations campaign, controversial, Ron Nixon
page 263 VIRGINIA
16th page
around 2000
Story of Someone that does not exist, EPA, Culpeper, VA, heavy metals, Zoning Committee, Country Health Department, Desiree Lopasic, VADH, Kal Sawyer, Clayborne Taylor, Aubrey Rozell, Bio Gro, Synagro, inspection, buffers, nagging, painful headaches, cough, cheap fertilizer

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